Chaise Lounges by Verzelloni

Chaise Lounges

A chaises lounge is a place to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. It is the perfect place to nap, and to curl up with a book. They are the ultimate in comfort and sophistication, and make a great addition to any room. Whether for your living room, a library or on your patio, there is an option for all.


A family is not a real family if it does not grow year after year! So the big family of informal design chairs, whose originator Zoe was first manufactured in 2006, with the addition of Zoe small, Zoe Baby, Zoe outdoor, Zoe pouf, e Zoe chaise-longue through time, becomes even bigger this year with Zoe extra-large, a very comfortable supersize version. Designed without a support frame, Zoe has become a must in the market of informal but elegant chairs through the years. Zoe has been imitated by numerous other manufacturers that try to reproduce its 60s design, highly comfortable padding, versatile lines, and very wide upholstery range. Zoe takes the shape of the user’s body, through hundred thousands micro-beads it contains, which allow variable ergonomics. The upholstery can be completely removed. In addition to the basic version with ‘visibles’ seams or classical stitching, the upholstery of every Zoe chair can be with the new blanket stitching “Punto Cavallo”, which is highly decorative, in the same or different colors as upholstery.

Framework: It is built with no supporting frame, is shaped by a 100% Twill cotton cover, and made with 5 separate chambers, containing expanded polystyrene pearls. Each chamber is made with a zip equipped with a safety pocket.

Coverage: Zoe family is available with different kinds of high quality covers – leather, fabric – in assorted colours. From April 2009 Zoe is delivered in outdoor version with water repellent fabrics, as well as with water repellent fabric for the undercover containing expanded polystyrene pearls. Covers are sewed with special mould resistant yarn. Suitable for screened-in porches use, it can stand a gentle rain


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  • Zoe by Verzelloni
    Zoe by Verzelloni
  • Zoe Outdoor by Verzelloni
    Zoe Outdoor by Verzelloni
  • Zoe Outdoor by Verzelloni
    Zoe Outdoor by Verzelloni