Habitat by Design

At Habitat, we understand that every project is unique.

Regardless of your needs, our capable team is here to .

Our complimentary “Habitat by Design” services ensure seamless support for Residential, Multi-Family and Hospitality projects. We have a professional and highly experienced team in place, ready to keep everyone connected during the course of the project – home owner, designer, architect, production and installation.

We are structured to take on the weight that customized furniture often bears on a project and we do it with ease. Simply brief us on your needs so we can immediately plug in and help:

  • Complete your design with full kitchen solution ideas or renderings
  • Customize furnishing options to compliment your design plan
  • Provide options for bathroom plans
  • Recommend finishing details such as lighting, doors, carpets or closets
  • Inspire you with a variety of past project configurations

Together with our world-class partners, we have together managed thousands of projects across Canada, North America and Europe. We understand the value of access, choice, selection, consultation and seamless execution.

The idea is that we achieve the end result together, ensuring all parties contributions are realized and result in your dream home, your masterpiece.

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